Dear Native Youth/Indigenous Scholar

Recently, I wrote a twitter thread titled, Dear Native Youth/Indigenous scholar. My intention of the thread was to call attention to the violence that we, youth, inherited because of colonialism and its continuous recycling. While also acknowledging that decolonization for us is messy and difficult and a call for critical inquiry for how we reflect colonial […]

Rock Your Moccasins 2017

It’s #RockYourMocs week! This is my third year participating in the annual Rock Your Moccasins during Native American/Indigenous Peoples’ Heritage Month.  #RockYourMocs is in its 7th Annual year. It was started in 2010 by Jessica “Jaylyn” Atsye, a member of the Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico. #RockYourMocs was becoming internationally known as a moment for Indigenous […]

LGBT2S Native Statistics

Recently, I stumbled upon a sheet from the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) Policy Research Center on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Two Spirit (LGBT2S) and Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) Natives. The sheet highlights various statistics about the civil rights, economic opportunities, and the physical and mental health statuses of LGBT2S Natives. I wanted to share some […]