About Charlie

You know that moment when all of your ideas just flow onto the paper? And, you’re unable to stop until all of them exist? That is pretty much my writing experience. Ideas come and go, and typing them in a word document, making them tangible is beautiful. They are real and not just in your head. The ideas exist and you are capable of sharing them with someone else. That is what I hope for. I hope others read and be critical of my thoughts and ideas. And so, I invite others to read these pieces of my consciousness.


Yá’át’ééh, shik’is dóó shidine’é. Naasht’ézhí Tábaahá nishłí. Tsénjíkiní báshíshchíín. Áshįįhí dashicheii, dóó Kiis’áanii dashinalí.

Hello, I am Charlie. By this traditional introduction, I am showing you who I am, who my relatives are, and who I represent.

I was born and raised near the red mesas and juniper trees of my Diné ancestors by a single mother in the last decade.  With my traditional moccasins on, I am on the path of re-negotiating the Diné aesthetic(s) through revitalizing queer indigeneity, reclaiming and decolonizing photography, and utilizing storytelling as a praxis and theoretical framework. My English pronouns are they/them/theirs.

I’m still learning ways to be accessible and compassionate alongside a community with inherited trauma and resilience.