My experience with writing has been one of transformation and time-traveling. I am always constantly asking myself what does it mean to be Diné Queer, and Trans in this century, going between the present and the past, yet dreaming of a future that celebrates my beauty, my power, and my brilliance.

This blog is a digital space of those thoughts and frustrations, a space of my own creation and imagination; a space I am sharing with you.


  • 27 & A Little Bit More Me

    27 & A Little Bit More Me

    I woke up this morning and realized…I’m 27. I, Charlie Amáyá Scott, am 27 years old. It feels so…I’m not sure how to adequately describe it. Surreal? Unreal? Surprise? Sad? Joyous? All these feelings and yet so much more and less at the same time. 27 just feels like an age that does not necessarily…

  • Two Years: Unsure of What to Say

    Content Warning: Sexual Assault / Rape. For those who have not read Perfect Moment(s) or It’s Been a Year, I was raped about two years ago, the night of December 4, 2019 or the early morning of December 5, 2020. It’s been two years since the night of my assault. I am not entirely sure of…

  • In My Dreams (2021)

    Context: I wrote this poem several years ago, and have updated it for a summer pedagogy fellowship. I thought I would share the poem here, yet, you can find the audio version here – along with an explanation of the project. The taste of soap lingers in my mouth, all because I spoke my language.…