A New Beginning

Welcome to a new beginning for a part of my life that I am reclaiming and discovering within myself.

This will be the first of many posts to come. Last night, before the clock struck 12. I decided to start a blog, and this is what has come from that thought seed. At first, all of the clicking and configuring out software almost took its toll on me, but I had friends and family who wanted me to continue, and so they encouraged and affirmed me. It isn’t entirely my fault that I am technologically inept, but I will learn and I will grow. I will become pop culturally relevant and adequate in the ways of the internet. 

I aspire for this blog to be a space for the process of reclaiming my own Diné aesthetic – whatever that may be and where ever that may exist. There may be posts about my frustrations, advice, thought processes, photos, poetry, stories, etc. – all of which to give voice and to give life to what I hold internally.

And so, I hope that you join me on this particular journey that I am embarking upon. One that cost me a couple dollars and a full night’s rest, yet one that may yield something greater and bigger than even I could imagine.

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